Creations I've crafted or collaborated during my journey.

Throughout the years, I've delved into numerous little projects, and these are the ones I'm truly proud of. Most of them are open-source, so don't hesitate to inspect the code and contribute your thoughts for improvement.

  • Forloop

    Forloop is the no-code platform for external data automation.


    Python application that provides a graphical user interface for interacting with OpenAIs GPT models.

  • Pipedrive Data Wizard

    Powerful sales dashboard that enhances your Pipedrive CRM data with AI insights.


    Web development for, a company in the field of forklift and material handling truck service.

  • Personal Task Manager

    List-making web application for daily / weekly / monthly task with deadline notifications.

  • scraper

    Python scraper that uses scrapy to collect list of cars from the website

  • AI Home Advisor

    AI-powered web application that helps you find the best place to live based on your life situation. (In Czechia)

  • Diversify App

    Personal portfolio tracker for stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other assets.

    In Development