Streamlining Approval Processes

By utilizing Microsoft's Power Automate, I developed an automated, user-friendly, and efficient multilevel approval process, transforming tickets created in Microsoft Lists into actionable requests, thus improving speed, transparency, and the overall employee experience in the approval workflow.

Project Challenge

My project was faced with a prevalent issue: an intricate and time-consuming approval process that involved multiple levels of management and lacked automation. The process was not just cumbersome for employees, but it was also inefficient, with delays often occurring due to manual handovers and miscommunication. I have aimed to resolve this by transforming the process into a seamless and automated flow using Microsoft's Power Automate.

Design Approach

The design of the solution revolved around an intuitive, user-friendly flow. I envisioned a system where an employee could initiate a request via a ticket in Microsoft Lists. This action would then trigger a multilevel approval process, starting with the first line of management.

Once the first manager approved the request and added any necessary comments, the request would escalate to higher management for final approval. After all approvals were secured, the employee who initiated the request would receive a notification with the final decision and any comments made during the approval process.

The Solution

I have designed a multifactor flow that streamlined our approval process significantly. The flow began as soon as an employee created a ticket in Microsoft Lists. Power Automate automatically created a request, triggering the approval flow.

Our solution, implemented using Power Automate, transformed a previously complicated, multistep approval process into a seamless, automated flow. By reducing manual intervention and automating notifications, we significantly improved the speed, efficiency, and transparency of our approval process. This innovative approach has not only simplified our internal operations but also enhanced the overall employee experience.